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Click to see inside    100 pages covering 17 goldfish ailments!

'I was especially impressed with the diagnosis guides that can really help you to distinguish between diseases that closely resemble each other in their symptoms.

This will give you the confidence needed to effectively treat the exact disease that your fish has come down with.'

How to Diagnose and Cure Sick Goldfish

A top quality, step-by-step guide to the diagnosis, treatment, and cure of sick goldfish.

'Our family thinks the book is awesome!'
F.D.G., Massachusetts

'I love the book...'
T.G., Los Angeles, California

'I have found the book extremely helpful.'
L.G., Saskatchewen, Canada

Is your goldfish lying in a corner of the tank, not feeding, or showing other distressing signs of illness? Do you want to help, but don't know how?

Now you can help your goldfish back to health, and help ensure it stays that way.

In this very thorough and easy-to-read book goldfish keeper and writer Elaine Rushmore explains how to:

    *   Correctly diagnose your fish's symptoms.
    *   Treat problems and their underlying causes.
    *   Prevent problems from recurring in the future.
    *   Protect your fish from stress.

By simplifying the best information available, “The Goldfish Doctor” makes the experience of fish health professionals available to you to use in your home.

It also covers the most humane method of ending a fish’s suffering when it cannot recover from disease.

  What's in the chapters?

Click to see the Diagnosis chapter  

In Chapter 1, find out how to make a step-by-step reliable diagnosis of the ailment your fish is suffering from - and the underlying cause.  

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Click to see the Treatment chapter  

In Chapter 2, find out how to treat the problem and the underlying cause.  



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Click to see the Prevention chapter  

In Chapter 3, find out how to prevent your fish falling ill in future, how to prevent fish stress, how to keep water quality high, and what to watch out for.  

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Click to see the Euthanasia chapter  

In Chapter 4, find out the best method of ending a fish's suffering without pain.  


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  How to use The Goldfish Doctor

Click to see how to make a diagnosis  
Step 1

Look up the symptoms your fish is showing.  

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Click to see how to confirm a diagnosis  
Steps 2 and 3

Read the relevant diagnosis notes to firm up your diagnosis.

Confirm correct diagnosis by eliminating possible wrong diagnoses.  

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Click to see example Treatment Card A  
Step 4

Follow the steps on Treatment Card "A" to treat the symptoms.  

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Click to see example Treatment Card B  
Step 5

Follow the steps on Treatment Card "B" to treat the causes.  

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Contents Diagnosis Treatment Prevention Euthanasia Download

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